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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kamerynne Paige

Meet Kamerynne Paige who also goes by Kamy Cake with her lovely Fancy Hair Candy by Skylar Aleksandr...:)  This adorable baby girl is 2 1/2 months old in these super cute pics!!! My first baby session and a big Thank You to my friend Pinky who is Kamy's Mom and Kevin for choosing me to capture this special moment!!!

Pinky and I went to college together back in the day LOL  and kept in touch through Myspace and Facebook, but its been about 11years since we actually hooked up and saw each other again... That is a really looong time!!! So glad we got to have some girl time & catch up this past Sunday!!!  INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS... lol  You know when you haven't talked to someone in soooo long, but when you finally get a chance to, it feels like you've just spoken to them the other day???  Well that's how it felt with least for me:) There a few things that we can relate to and I believe God puts people in, out  or back in your life for a reason. Pinky, I am thankful for your  friendship and it was nice to finally meet your bubbs Kevin and your little angel Kamerynne!

I am definitely excited to take more pictures of Kamy in the near future and Thank You once again for choosing me.... xO

Gotta LOVE Hello Kitty <3

These few pics below of Kamy are just a week apart.

 You can tell that she grew alot from the first session. Babies grow sooo fast that you have to enjoy every second of it!

I looove this!!!
 I got a chance to see her again due to another photo session that I did for Pinky's business that she has along with  her two cousins Lissie and Kay-Kay. So stay tuned!