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Jailyn Cannon

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*Sweet Therapy *

Well... another lovely day with one of my Dearest friend's April!  She  was so willing to have her photos taken, which I call "Girly Fun" We didn't think it was going to happen due to the rain, but we got very LUCKY! Yay!!! Since she loves to read (Sweet Therapy) & loves Sweets.. like who doesn't,  we decided to have some books and pastries for props in one of the shots. April did soooo good and she is soo GORGEOUS!!!  Also, my BF Amber is now making Pretty Lovely headbands and hairpieceswhere April is actually modeling some in my pics along with theSunflower Hippy bands. Ever since I've known Amber, she has always been artsy & very creative. She is making alot more, so please show her some love & support. Pretty soon she will be on All in all, April and I had sooo much fun and will never forget our funny little moments we had on this day! 
 you Apey! Enjoy! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shutter Fun part II of a few*

Shutter Fun ♥

My friends and I would always take a million pictures while we were out partying or just even having get together's at someone's house. It was always fun clicking away... I loooove pictures, especially when I capture special meaningful  moments. Ask my friends & they will tell you... LOL  Photography has been an interest to me for sometime now. 

  • How it inspired me more? Honestly, when I started planning my wedding.  Going through magazines and researching online, I kept going back to the same thing which was a Vintage, Shabby Chic kinda style. I loved everything about it. From flowers, decor, invitations, accessories etc...Also, the whole outdoor scenery look with alot of texture, color and & lighting. Although my wedding was not held outside, that was our wedding theme Vintage Shabby Chic
  • Who really inspired me?  My wedding photographer Ashley Maxwell. Her work is Amazing~!
Anyways, I was itching to wanna start taking pictures  ( photo sessions).  This is my BF Amber!!!
Our session for the day was called " SHUTTER FUN"!!!  . Hope you all enjoy the pictures I took! 

Photos by Jailyn*
Props by Amber*